PC Startup Master 4.0
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PC Startup Master 4.0

Manage Windows Startup Apps to Improve PC Speed and Security
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In order to prevent certain applications from launching at startup without your permission, you need a tool like PC Startup Master to keep your Windows startup clean and free from unwanted and malicious software programs. This tool enhances and speeds up your system startup to avoid unnecessary delays and – what is more important – to protect it from malware attacks.

The program’s interface is both clear and intuitive. All programs and apps set up to launch at startup are neatly categorized and thoroughly described so that you can make your choices with the most information possible. It tells you the name, where the executable file has been stored, where in the Registry they are, their manufacturer or publisher, its status, and the date where it was first seen. The program will also tell you if they are currently running and if they are needed or simply optional. Here is where you can enable or disable any of them at will just by selecting each of them and clicking on the right option. The categories used to classify all startup items support some customization – you can define which groups of items will be shown within the Registry, Startup Folder, Windows Services, and Schedule Tasks categories when browsing for unnecessary services and apps.

Some of the items running at startup cannot be simply disabled, but they can be “delayed”. These services or programs don’t need to be launched immediately as you won’t be using them right away, and yet need to be active for your system to work properly. PC Startup Master allows you to tell Windows when and how to launch an application not only by setting a delay in seconds, but also determining under what conditions that particular service or program can be launched. Thus, you can set a minimum threshold of CPU usage below which launching this app is not an option. You can also tell the program to avoid re-launching already active items, to prevent certain apps from launching if there is no Internet connection available, and even to determine in which days of the week that particular item can be launched. Finally, you can determine the app’s level of priority when finally launched.

PC Startup Master offers you a Startup Guard, which can be enabled to monitor your system’s startup settings so that malicious software tools do not change them without your consent. It will let you know when startup items have been deleted or whenever a program is somehow attempting to change your startup’s settings. It will even keep a log of all of these changes for you to check which need to be reverted and which are correct.

This interesting and well designed tool is an excellent choice when in need of a comprehensive and fully customizable startup manager that needs to go beyond what Windows can offer. This clear and efficient tool will help your system to start up without further delay and – most importantly – free from any unnoticed malicious threat.

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Francisco Martínez
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  • Manages and optimizes your OS startup
  • Alerts you of any change being made in your startup settings
  • Adds items to Windows startup
  • Prevents malicious software tools from launching without permission
  • Clear interface showing all apps neatly organized


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